Rules & Regulations

Equipment is an important resource of the college. Rules for issue, handling and return of equipment will be prescribed from time to time which students would be required to follow strictly. In particular, the following discipline in the matter of handling the equipment will be observed by all students.

  • Equipment will be issued by the teacher concerned.
  • Each student to whom equipment has been issued will handle it carefully.
  • Any physical damage to the equipment will be direct responsibility of the student/group of students in whose name equipment is issued.
  • Equipment once issued should be returned to the teacher after completion of the practical. Students returning the equipment late will be fined.
  • No student will handle equipment without the authorization of a teacher or an instructor.
  • Students must immediately inform the maintenance staff and teacher of any faults they experience while handling the equipment.
  • Cost of any damage by a student to the equipment of the college will be determined by the concerned department.
  • In case of damage or loss to any equipment by students working in a group, the fine will be levied collectively on the assigned group.
  • At the time of admission an undertaking will also be taken from the student to this effect.